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This two day summit is the only platform for governments, 老王 2.2.7, regulators and tax authorities from resource producing nations to come together and discuss how they can develop their oil & gas fiscal strategies to ensure they are delivering maximum value to their countries whilst still encouraging gas investment. The Summit will be held in collaboration with Wood Mackenzie, the leading experts in the field. 

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  • Progressive fiscal systems: windfalls and pitfalls
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  • Attracting gas investment
  • Fiscal policies for mature basins
  • Petroleum revenue management options

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Why Should You Attend?

  • Being part of Summit exclusively for governments – there will not be any IOCs or service companies
  • Open and frank discussions – the Summit is conducted under the Chatham House Rule with no press in attendance
  • The opportunity to share experiences and learn from others
  • Insights from the world’s leading experts on fiscal policy

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US tight oil and global conventional deepwater plays provide many of the most likely sources of material new oil production. Some companies – and their financial backers – are wedded to one or the other. This reflects their capabilities, risk appetite, geological preference and bank balance. Others seek a diverse portfolio an invest in both. 

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Request your copy of the 2019 Summary of Roundtable Discussions to access:

  • Who attended in 2019
  • Why the summit is a must-attend for governments, NOCs, regulators and tax authorities
  • A full breakdown of the 老王2.2.11下载
  • Further information on the Global Oil & Gas Fiscal Systems Course
  • Further information on Wood Mackenzie and the fiscal insights and analysis they will be bringing to the Summit

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How to develop fiscal terms:
Define the primary objectives

Prepare yourself for the summit:
Hear Government Fiscal Summit Speaker David Barrowman Vice President – EMEARC Consulting, Wood Mackenzie discuss with Meng Xu, Senior Product Manager, Wood Mackenzie discuss what the primary considerations should be for Governments when considering how to develop fiscal terms.

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Join the CWC School for Energy and Wood Mackenzie at the 手机上这么好用的功能 你用过吗? - huanqiu.com:2021-9-30 · 十几年前,还是功能机的时代,相信很多人都会觉得用手机拍照、听歌以及上网都是很新奇的事情。然而,现在的手机拥有了越来越多新奇有趣的 ... to assess how different fiscal terms impact investment decisions through a comprehensive, hands-on, practical course for government and oil and gas industry executives.

This is your opportunity to get Wood Mackenzie tools and analysis to optimise fiscal competitiveness and investment.

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This is a very important Summit, with useful and great industry topics being discussed” AGT, Angola



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If you would like to present or be involved with this year’s Summit please contact: Patricia Borges Rotolo Direct: +44 20 7978 0044 Email: pborges@thecwcgroup.com

For delegation rates please contact: Kelly-Marie Tuthill Direct: +44 20 7978 0010 Email: 老王v2.2.8下载

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